November 19, 2020

If you thought that Autumn is just rainy and boring, look again! We took a walk around Zagreb’s city centre and it is vibrant as always; beautiful architecture, historic buildings, colorful trees, cool street art and despite the pandemic Zagreb’s gastro scene is popping off! We’ll talk about the gastro scene in another blog, but for now we want you to take a walk with us around Zagreb in autumn. 😉

Path to the Strossmayer promenade.

If you need to choose one area - choose Upper old town

Starting from Swanky, we turned into Mesnička street and next to the tunnel, took the path to the upper town. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend in Zagreb, I would suggest you at least take this walk and explore the upper town area. Behind every corner, you will see something interesting, historic or artistic. Even the corner itself is often cool with its vintage street lamps or architectural details on the building.

View from Strossmayer Promenade.

Strossmayer Promenade

After a slight climb, you walk up to the Strossmayer promenade where you need to stop and take a breath and enjoy the picturesque view of Zagreb with the building of the Croatian Music Institute located in Gundulićeva Street as a star of this picture.

Park Bella IV.
Park Grič.
View from Park Grič.

Upper town parks

We continued the walk up to park Grič where we sat and enjoyed another beautiful view on a sunny autumn day. Continuing through the Park Bela IV which was immersed in autumn colours, it was apparent that not many people knew about this place since it was pretty empty but it was better for us to enjoy it in peace.

Art Installation "The Outside".

Street art

Walking past St Mark's square, we continued to the plateau where we took some time to enjoy the beautiful view of the cathedral, but also a new street art installation by Boris Bare and Ivo Gasparic called “Outside”. This artistic project was launched by the Zagreb Tourist Board and called "Beyond the Frame" You can read more about the project HERE.

Radićeva Street.
Tkalčićeva Street.

Radićeva & Tkalčićeva street

Walking down Strossmayer stairs we came down to Radićeva and Tkalčićeva street in search of something to eat and drink. Both streets are famous for its bars, cafes and restaurants and they have various choice of each. Our favourite there is Otto&Frank, a place that has all-day breakfast which is very important, but also the food offer is a modern twist on the local Croatian food and we love it! Try their Zagrebački breakfast and Knedle sa šljivama, and come to thank us later. 🙂

Strossmayer stairs.
Strossmayer stairs.

Opatovina park

After a meal, it’s important to take a digestion walk so we headed to the colourful Opatovina park which is located nearby. Walking through that park feels like walking through an art gallery and it’s beautiful, especially on a sunny autumn day. 🙂

"Gulliver" by artists Boris Bare and Dominik Vuković.
Opatovina street art.
Opatovina street art.
Opatovina street art.

Author & Photos: Tina Sarajlić

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