Why you should stay in a hostel

August 20, 2020

Once the ticket for your next destination is booked, the next step to consider is - accommodation! Having a nice, clean and safe place to sleep doesn’t mean breaking your bank. Hostels are a great choice for a budget friendly accommodation so you can add more value to your vacation affording other activities. Here’s a little list of reasons why you should book a hostel for your next trip!

1. Save money on accommodation
In general, hostels are a cheaper option than hotels because they offer comfortable accommodation with affordable prices. How? By utilizing shared dorm rooms, bathroom and kitchen. But don’t worry, if you wish for more comfort, many hostels these days offer private rooms without compromising the price. Swanky Mint hostel went an extra mile to include studio apartments too.

2. Save money on food
Staying in a hostel allows you to be a chef by preparing your own meals in the hostel kitchen. Make buying groceries a sightseeing activity by visiting local farmers markets. If you don’t feel like cooking on your vacation, choose a hostel that has meals offered on site or even has them included in the price.

3. Save money on experiences
Offering budget friendly accommodation also means providing the best deals on other experiences. You are interested in a walking tour of the city, cool day trips or even renting a car? Walk no further then reception - the staff will provide you with the best deals. Trust them, they are travellers themselves who like to get the best value for money also!

4. Staying in a unique hostel becomes an experience on its own
These days hostellers are getting more and more creative in offering unique experiences by placing their hostels in places which already have a story. For example hostel Swanky Mint is placed in a former cleaning and textile dye factory from the 19th Century and all it’s industrial design has been inspired by it. With no ghosts, promise.

5. Location, location, location
Most city hostels have a central location close enough to explore the city highlights or night life. Renting bikes is becoming popular also - so add that as an activity to stay fit while exploring 🙂

6. Feeling safe
Being aware you are a foreigner in another country can be a bit intimidating, especially for solo female travellers. That’s why hostels are a great choice since they put a lot of effort into making guests feel safe. Having unique guests only codes for the main door after dark, camera surveillance, 24/7 working staff, lockers in the room, curtains on the beds - for your piece of mind they try to do the best they can!

7. Making friends along the way
The biggest difference between a hotel and a hostel is the S - the social aspect. Common motto is - strangers are just friends you’ve never met before. And it’s a well known fact that travel friends easily become lifelong friends. Who knows, you maybe even fall in love.

8. Free travel agents
Hostel staff aren’t just concierges, mums, guides, cleaners, chefs, but your own life size Lonely planet guides 😀 If you need help planning activities in the city, best tips for food & drinks, planning road tripping around the country - their map will be out in no time while providing you with the best local information!

9. Free Wi-Fi

Needless to say more!

10. Supporting sustainable tourism

Travelling in a conscious way is our future! To maintain the beauty of our planet and local cultures while leaving a positive footprint. Hostels are usually the first in the line supporting such a mindset. Many hostels are trying their best to be as eco-friendly as possible, recycling, reusing, running on solar panels, being aware of electricity and water usage, partnering with small businesses and always seeking new ideas how to improve!

Author: P.K.

Swanky Mint Hostel
Swanky Mint Hostel
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