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In Thailand, soi is called the small side streets along the busy arteries, which with their lush life sustain the tissue of Asian cities. The atmosphere of Soi Fusion Bar is just like that. In the murmur of the sprawling terraces that extend from the Swanky Mint hostel, the Soi Fusion Bar is seated in a sort of side alley, in a quiet corner of Swanky. With several exterior tables surrounded by graffiti and old mailboxes and a small interior space with open-plan kitchen, bare minimalist tables and a counter, it is reminiscent of Japanese and Thai outlets that run markets throughout the night.

Soi Fusion’s Chef Vid Nikolić is one of the most famous chefs in Croatia and this restaurant is his first solo project. The restaurant offers a solid range of Asian dishes - from vibrant bowls of tuna poke to sizzling satay skewers, and all served with eco-friendly dishes and utensils, just like it fits the Swanky spirit.


mon-thu 12:00 - 23:00 h

fri-sat 12:00 - 00:00 h

sunday closed

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Swanky Travel

Swanky Travel is a unique tourist agency and as passionate travel specialists their team creates unique tours to inspiring locations of Balkan region with a special aim on Croatia, guaranteeing a true local experience. If you need anything from a 2-hour walking tour to a 2-week private tailor made holiday – no fear, Swanky Travel is here.

Their goal is to provide the highlights all travelers want to see, but also to encourage them to visit and explore something they will not find in guide books, blogs or social media – off the beaten path locations, culture and tradition, everyday life, interesting locals and most important – experience.

In a simple and fast way you can find, inquire and book the best tours and activities that Zagreb, Croatia and our neighbor countries can offer so allow the Swanky travel team to provoke all of your senses...

kitchen & Common room

Swanky kitchen and common room is a place that brings all the travelers together in a room where you can cook, play games, read a book, watch TV or just hang out. The kitchen is fully equipped and you can store your food and ingredients in our fridges. So visit our local market, stock up on the best local products, cook dinner and enjoy your meal with your friends and our other guests.

Every week we organise free dinner night, game night or movie night in the kitchen so make sure to keep in touch and don’t miss it!

Our kitchen is open every day from 7:00 till 23:00, but if you need to go there at other times just check with the reception team.

kitchen working hours:

every day 07:00 - 23:00 h

reception working hours:

07:00 - 23:00 h

swanky pool

The Swanky Mint is famous for it’s pool since it’s the only hostel with a pool in Zagreb, and not to mention the beautiful surroundings - forrest and flowers on one side and a view of the historical city buildings on the other.

The pool is seasonal so make sure to visit us between May and October when it’s open, but don’t be sad if you come during other months since we have a cool dome on top of the pool during winter.


pool season:


souvenir shop

In the reception area you can notice our souvenir shop and find lots of cool merch from t-shirts, tote bags and backpacks, to raincoats, magnets and even Drinkopoly. Take a piece of Swanky with you and brag to your friends that you stayed at the best hostel in Croatia.

working hours:

07:00 - 23:00 h

Swanky Mint Hostel
Swanky Mint Hostel
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